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Spikey the echidna sings the kids through meetings with all his bush land friends and through them the kids learn simple lessons about the animal's biology's and habits. With great respect but a great sense of fun, the kids meet Old Man Bray, an elder of the Bundjalung people, who shows them around the country his people have looked after for millennia.


It's a brilliant way or teaching about the country and the animals, just as the indigenous people have always done it, mixing lessons with music and fun, so the kids are too involved to realize that they're actually taking in a great deal of knowledge about the place they live in.










Peaceful Stars

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Michael's days in India in 2006 were very long and filled with many activities. In the evenings, he would sing, play his guitar and make up songs. He did this for 6 days a week and on the 7th day which they called Magic Monday, his friend Manish and Michael would teach these songs to children in the surrounding villages. They had so much fun singing, playing and laughing together. Many of the children became part of The Peaceful Stars. They recorded all these songs in India with some very fine Indian musicians.