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In My Backyard is an exciting family album released by Spikey & Friends. Byron Bay's top rock performers. Based around the bush land of Byron Bay, it takes the kids on an adventure through their own back yards, where friendly bush land creatures introduce them to the magic of music & nature. Songs include many themes about native Australian animals coming from an authentic indigenous perspective with indigenous values about nature.

Spikey & Friends are a uniquely Australian alternative K-indie rock band, educational & fun for the whole family to be involved in & get to perform. The band are friends & family singing, dancing, dressed in gorgeous animal costumes, rocking it up together with Spikey one of the most authentic & lovelable dancing hugging mascots ever to grace the Australian kids enterntainment scene, all goes for making one very dynamic & uplifting show!

Michael wonderful upbeat songs coupled with the groove power drumming of Nick Fisher from The New Christ’s & Ed Kueper fame, together with a bunch of young talented 10-13 yr groovers all goes for making one very dynamic performance with an earthy, Australian, independent alternative rock-feel. 


peaceful stars

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Michael's days in India in 2006 were very long and filled with many activities. In the evenings, he would sing, play his guitar and make up songs. He did this for 6 days a week and on the 7th day which they called Magic Monday, his friend Manish and Michael would teach these songs to children in the surrounding villages. They had so much fun singing, playing and laughing together. Many of the children became part of The Peaceful Stars. They recorded all these songs in India with some very fine Indian musicians.

durga babies

durga babies


The Durga Babies were founded when Michael moved to Nimbin and began jamming with Nathan Nancarrow and Tim Tonkin. Nathan is a well respected bass player, having worked double and electric bass for The Gadflys across Australia and internationally, and later for such North Coast outfits as Wild Zinnias, Ragadoll, Snake Oil and Blind Willy Wagtail. Tim was a member of Nimbin's other greatest export, psychedelic hip hop group The Spliffmasters and is a local impresario of renown. Together they crafted the gorgeous, award winning album Love Comes, which helped define the North Coast sound of the early Naughties.

wild pumpkins

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Wild Pumpkins at Midnight was an Australian indie folk roots rock band, formed in Tasmania 1984, with Michael Turner on guitar and vocals. The Pumpkins subsequently shifted to The Netherlands in 1991. They toured extensively in both Europe and Australia, including a spot on the 1996 Big Day Out and released 11 albums under various labels.


In 1989, at THE ARIA MUSIC AWARDS, they won Best Independent Release for their album This Machine Is Made of People. In February 1997, Hot Records released a complication The Secret of The Sad Tree ahead of their European tour from June. At the conclusion of their final European Instant Ocean tour in 1998, Wild Pumpkins At Midnight disbanded.


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Michael is the bass player for the solo project of Dan Rumour, the man whose guitar playing helped define the sound of the Cruel Sea. The DRift first surfaced on the highly acclaimed CD Delightful Rain, a celebration of Australian surf music. For the project, the band recorded a handful of songs joining such luminaries as The Atlantics, Richard Clapton, Tamam Shud, Celibate Rifles, The Angry Tradesmen, Pigram Brothers and GANGgajang. Released in mid October 2007 on the Bombora label, Dan Rumour & The DRift self titled first studio album consists of 14 tightly crafted tracks including a couple of new versions of Rumour Cruel Sea Classics. The album was recorded in and around Byron Bay.